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Your No.1 Payroll and HR Management Solution

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UCTIVV Payroll and HR

UCTIVV is a global Payroll and HR Suite developed by local experts for the best industry and legislation fit. Our solution deployed internationally, has been designed to scale and grow with your organisation and adopt your roadmap. Our flexible application will give you the edge to put your people first and manage your resources productively, effectively and efficiently.

UCTIVV Payroll and HR  delivers efficiencies, improves control over all aspects of your worldwide payroll operations, allows best practices to be replicated across the enterprise, and increases visibility into individual country activities. A single rules-based engine and scalable platform with an ever growing list of country extensions enable you produce multinational payrolls that fully comply with local requirements.





Our Core Modules

Your SaaS Payroll and HR Management at your fingertips

  • Full service Payroll

  • Employee Self-service

  • Legal Watch

  • Payroll Business Intelligence

  • Payroll Reporting

  • GL Integration

HR Management
  • Full service HR 

  • Employee Management

  • Performance Management

  • Time Tracking

  • Leave Management

  • Absence Management

  • Talent Management

  • Policy Management

  • Employee Self-service

  • Resources Calendar

  • HR Business Intelligence

  • HR Reporting

Self Service
  • Employee Self-service & Profiles

  • Leaves Tracking

  • Pay slips print

  • Payroll calendar

  • Notifications management

  • Intranet

  • Employee Directory

  • Office Surveys

Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive Algorithms

  • Forecast Employee Behaviours

  • Forecast Employee Growth

  • Plan Managers Actions

  • Pattern Analysis

  • Org Chart Forecast

  • Culture Fit Assessment

  • Personality Fit Assessment

  • Automate your HR Processes

  • Face Recognition

  • Employee Mood Analysis


0 to 5 Employees


6 to 50 Employees


50 to 1000 Employees


1000 ++ Employees

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Learn All About the Advantages that Our System Has to Offer

Personalize Your Experience

Our flexible application is deployed and implemented as per your processes and adapts to your roadmap. With our global team of legal watch, we ensure to stay updated with the latest legislations for you.

Quick Deployment and Available Anywhere

Uctivv is deployed through a SaaS platform and can be accessed from anywhere. No more worries of maintenance and upgrades as it's all taken care of by us.

Through a subscription based model, your company have access to the platform without the need to have any IT expertise or heavy infrastructure.

Quickly and Easily deployed, the system is available via the web. Contact us today for a quote.


We've Come a Long Way

Your No.1 Payroll and HR application in Africa

Uctivv is a Payroll and HR solution localised for the Africa continent including Mauritius. 


What People are Saying


“This solution has helped us better manage our resources in Nigeria.”

"It's way easier to run payroll for my employees now compared to before"

"The HR management is ideal to manage my different resources"

Joan Marks

Raymond Souza

Maggie Stalk


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